Real Time Problems with Bill Maher? Yes.

Part 1

Part 2

For some years, HBOs satirical weekly talk show host Bill Maher - of Real Time, has repeatedly vocalized his anger at those who question the government's account of the events of September 11th.

Whether its directed against a guest or used as a punch line, activists who try to tell the Truth of 9/11 have been lambasted as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.

But, then again, Bill Maher also publicly states the Twin Towers burned for more than two hours. This would make little impact on national opinion if it were not for Maher's impressive viewership numbers. Ratings are the mark of a TV man and Bill is holding the high cards.

However, when it comes to documentation of what actually occurred on that tragic day and the alleged evidence that has since surfaced, it seems, the time has come for Maher to rethink his hand and call or fold.

Countless viewers and fans have contacted Real Time - and its producers over the years out of frustration and hope of getting any one - of a growing number, of experts invited onto his show as a guest to openly - without bias, discuss new evidence that appears to contradict most of what we have been told.

Maher and his team have not only refused to respond to any of their correspondence, but have also continued the live derision of a people, on a topic he has refused to research in any reputable way. So much so, that even after a $250,000 cash challenge issued by Jock Doubleday (to merely study the evidence), Maher continues his refusal to acknowledge on his show, all scientific evidence, the inconsistencies of the 9/11 Commission Report and the foreknowledge, cover-up, and/or the possible secret involvement of the United States Government in these attacks.

After more than a year of honest attempts, the 9/11 Truth Movement is done being belittled and used as television fodder for a comedian who seems to have taken on the 9/11 challenge and their message as a pet project to destroy.

UnSpun Newz's Adam Ruff and Cheri Roberts have picked up the challenge. This is their story.

Are there higher powers pushing the proverbial censorship buttons on Real Time? In viewing this newscast you will better understand the upcoming UnSpun Newz SPECIAL investigative report that will dig deeper into who signs Mr. Maher's paycheck and what exactly their ties are to 9/11 then - and 9/11 now.

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