Guests Lie on C-SPAN about 9/11 - and Get Pounded by Members of the 9/11 Truth Movement

Washington Journal is on C-Span every single morning (weekends too) from 7am to 10am EST. It allows it's guests and callers to repeatedly tell or refer to the bogus "official story" of 9/11.

TRUTHER ALERT: Anybody can call in (or tweet). Any time. Have your facts straight. Do it now.

We would like to see Dr. David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage AIA, and Kevin Ryan be interviewed and be allowed to refute the "Official Propaganda" this particular guest spews.

Watch Homeland Security's Michael Chertoff get pounded with 9/11 questions by C-Span callers:

If you want to spread some 9/11 Truth, this is a way to reach millions of people in just one phone call.

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