9/11 Truth Highly Visible in Swanzey NH's "Old Home Day" Parade

9/11 Truth was highly visible during the Swanzey, New Hampshire,
Old Home Day parade on July 17, 2010!

The banners showed world-wide support for a new investigation among prominent military, intelligence, and government professionals, scientists, and hundreds of grassroots groups.

The presence of former Keene Mayor Blastos, driving his yellow 1970 Cutlass Convertible, WW2 Veteran Frank Magill, M.D., NH Representative Peter Allen, and George the Bomb Sniffer helped to reinforce the respectability of our movement.

Yes, it's time for 9/11 Truth to go mainstream!

The following is a quote excerpted from an article by Joel S, Hirschorn:

"But then I quickly came across a story in a local New Hampshire newspaper about a recent 9/11 truth group participation in a local event, and that heartened me that the diehard truthers were still marching proudly. Indeed, this was noted: "We would like to extend our warmest thanks to [the former Keene Mayor, State Representative, and one of our World War II veterans] for bravely standing tall and marching with our group. Your presence commands respect and it was indeed an honor to have you all join us. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to show support for our efforts to publicize the need for a new 9/11 investigation."

And I was heartened to learn that the fourth of July parade in Takoma Park, MD where I once lived had a float for the 9/11 Truth Now group in it."

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