BBC and CNN's WTC 7 Foreknowledge of Collapse

BBC Announces Collapse BEFORE it Happens.
The following video includes an interesting timeline:

We wonder who supplied both the BBC and CNN with the "script" about the collapse of Building #7 before it happened?)

Revealing, shocking video shows reporter talking about collapse with WTC 7 still standing in background.

An astounding video uncovered from the archives shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head. (as you are looking at the video..Building 7 is on the right side of her head.)

Minutes before the actual collapse of the building is due, the feed to the reporter mysteriously dies. To be clear, the Salomon Brothers Building is just a different name for Building 7 or WTC 7. Skip forward to around the 14:30 minute mark.

CNN announced that WTC 7 "has either collapsed or is collapsing" about an hour BEFORE the event.

This YouTube video is an excerpt from the CNN's live television broadcast on 9/11/2001. At about 01:58 in the clip, anchor Aaron Brown states that it's about 4:14 Eastern Daylight Time. That means that when the he makes the announcement at the beginning of the clip, it is about 4:12

The following is a transcript of the two-minute excerpt:

We are getting information now that one of other buildings, building 7, in the world trade center complex is on fire and has either collapsed or is collapsing.

I .. I .. You to be honest can see these pictures just a little bit more clearly than I, but Building number 7 one of the other buildings in this very large complex of buildings that is the Trade Center ... there were -- there were -- and that is the right way to put it -- there were the two towers, but then there are a number of support buildings around it -- retail spaces, restaurants, office space, garages, the trains come in from New Jersey bringing commuters taking commuters back, come into the complex that is the World Trade Center, and now we are told there is a fire there and that building may collapse as well, as you can see.

We can see as we now look back down town, we can see the billowing smoke.

It is extraordinary to us how long this scene has gone on. The smoke has not cleared at all. It has not lightened at all. It was that horrific moment when the Towers collapsed, and then we've been in this sort of situation ever since, as the fires continue to burn. Rose Arsie, one of our producers who has been slowly and diligently making her way to the building described the fires she saw in the areas of the Towers themselves and clearly those fires continue to burn at about 4:15 eastern daylight time today, in an unbelievable and awful scene in New York.

This video excerpt was apparently extracted from a 41-minute mpeg recording discovered in a vast archive of broadcast footage publicized in late February of 2007.

Vast Archive of Footage

The premature announcements of the collapse of WTC by television networks went unnoticed until researchers discovered a vast archive of television broadcast footage from the day of the attack. On February 22, 2007, a post on listed the URLs on of 417 mpeg recordings capturing about 60 hours broadcast coverage starting on the morning of 9/11/01 from each of six different television stations. Each of the high-quality recordings covering about 41 minutes of broadcast.

The coverage included the following television stations and time spans:

TV station start time end time
NBC4 Washington 9/11 08:31 9/13 20:23
ABC7 Washington 9/11 08:31 9/13 22:29
BBC 9/11 09:16 9/13 20:19
FOX5 Washington 9/11 08:31 9/13 20:23
CNN 9/11 08:48 9/13 20:33
CBS9 Washington 9/11 08:31 9/13 20:23

Unfortunately, made the footage archive inaccessible to the public shortly after the BBC foreknowledge story was publicized.

Bush Claims th Have Seen the First WTC Strike?

Bush (flippantly) claims he saw the first WTC strike, live, on a TV, prior to entering the school in Florida on Sept. 11th.

This could not have been done without prior knowledge and arrangements to monitor the "surprise attack" live. We just report, you decide.

See how easily Bush can justify a lie:

Home Videos Channels Shows Watch this video in a new window General of US Intelligence says No Plane Hit The Pentagon

Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III, head of all intelligence says: "Pentagon was NOT hit by a plane, WTC 7 brought down by explosives, Media in America is controlled."

"A terrible pilot" hits the Pentagon accounting office holding records of missing 3 trillion in oil for money scheme & missing 2.3 trillion in DOD expenses.

Steven Jones & Kevin Ryan Debunk the NIST Report



KEVIN RYAN: A New Standard for Deception

In an information-packed presentation of 58 minutes Kevin Ryan delivers a damning indictment of the official investigations of the total collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7.

Ryan's solid scholarship and application of the scientific method stands in stark contrast to the official investigations, whose dishonesty and corrupt anti-scientific methods Ryan exposes in abundance. Ryan explains details of the investigation by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) not acknowledged by the Institute, such as its failure to experimentally verify the floor pancake theory, forcing it to invent a new theory about the Towers' collapse. Ryan notes commonalities in the WTC investigations by NIST and FEMA, and the investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City Building, such as a high degree of overlap in the leaders of the respective investigations. Ryan unquestionably qualifies as a whistleblower.

Having been promoted to the top manager of Underwriter's Laboratories water testing division, Ryan was dismissed on November of 2004 after an e-mail from him to Dr Frank Gayle of NIST questioning the collapse of the twin towers became public. In an information-packed presentation of 58 minutes Kevin Ryan delivers a damning indictment of the official investigations of the total collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7. Ryan's solid scholarship and application of the scientific method stands in stark contrast to the official investigations, whose dishonesty and corrupt anti-scientific methods Ryan exposes in abundance.

Ryan explains details of the investigation by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) not acknowledged by the Institute, such as its failure to experimentally verify the floor pancake theory, forcing it to invent a new theory about the Towers' collapse. Ryan notes commonalities in the WTC investigations by NIST and FEMA, and the investigation of the 1995 Oklahoma City Building, such as a high degree of overlap in the leaders of the respective investigations. Ryan unquestionably qualifies as a whistleblower.

The Mystery of 9/11 is ‘Now Unraveling,’ Says Major Japanese Weekly

AE911Truth Highlighted in the “Time Magazine of Japan”

“The official story is not convincing.” – Councilor Yukihisa Fujita, National Diet of Japan

This past December, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Councilor Yukihisa Fujita provided a stunning presentation to the National Diet of Japan. Now Asahi Weekly (circulation 268,000) has just published a four-page article with the headline “9/11, Terror in NYC – American Architects Group Demands Reinvestigation!”

In provocative contrast with the United States, whose major media outlets and legislative body won’t touch the issue with a 30-foot steel column, Japan is now asking serious questions about how exactly the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed, and who was responsible for the attacks. And who can blame them? Twenty-four innocent citizens of Japan were killed in the terrorist atrocity of 9/11, and their deaths (together with the deaths of the citizens of more than ninety countries who perished on 9/11) pose real questions that require real answers.

“Asahi” means “morning sun” in Japanese. That the Asahi Shimbun (the national newspaper with a daily circulation of over eight million – making it one of the largest newspapers on our planet) would afford respectful coverage of AE911Truth’s message in its newsmagazine, Asahi Weekly, is, we hope, further evidence that the mainstream dawn of 9/11 truth is just around the corner.

For more information please read translated portions of the Asahi Weekly article on the blog by 9/11 Truth Australia.

Graham Pardun,
January 29, 2010 by Infowars Ireland

Cutter Charges - North Tower Exploding

Trouble? Click here if you cannot access this video.

Small explosive ejections focused on a corner column of WTC1 (The North Tower of the World Trade Center) are evidence of cutter charges used to cut the corner columns. One of these occurs at the 98th floor at the onset of the demolition of the building. The other occurs lower in the building at the instant the column enters free fall.

See the petition at and sign up to ask for a REAL investigation.

Whistle Blown on Secret 9/11 Unit with Power to Pressure U.S. Media

From Russia Today: The US government has allegedly set up a special security wing with the sole task of distancing Washington from any involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Special Reports: NSA continues surveillance of journalists; WMR editor subject of espionage investigation

By Wayne Madsen, Aug 20, 2008

(WMR) -- On May 10, 2005, WMR reported on the existence of a highly-classified database at the National Security Agency (NSA), formerly code-named “FIRSTFRUITS,” that monitored journalists who reported on the activities of the eavesdropping agency, as well as other intelligence matters.

A few weeks later, according to an executive-level source at the NSA, and confirmed by a related source within NSA’s “Q” Directorate, the Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence, this editor has been a subject of a national security investigation since June 2005 that remains ongoing. The investigation of this editor is classified at the level SECRET/COMINT (NOFORN). COMINT is “Communications Intelligence” and NOFORN denotes “Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals/Governments/Non-US Citizens.”

According to National Security Agency/Central Security Service Policy 1-27, dated March 20, 2006, and signed by NSA Chief of Staff Deborah Bonanni, the investigation of the public disclosure of the unconstitutional and illegal FIRSTFRUITS surveillance system is being coordinated by the NSA, Department of Defense, Director of National Intelligence, and the Department of Justice.

The following are excerpts from the editor’s article that triggered the national security criminal investigation: “NSA maintains a database that tracks unofficial and negative articles written about the agency. Code named ‘FIRSTFRUITS,’ the database is operated by the Denial and Deception (D&D) unit within SID [Signals Intelligence Division]. High priority is given to articles written as a result of possible leaks from cleared personnel.

According to those familiar with FIRSTFRUITS, Bill Gertz of The Washington Times features prominently in the database. Before [NSA Director Michael] Hayden’s reign and during the Clinton administration, Gertz was often leaked classified documents by anti-Clinton intelligence officials in an attempt to demonstrate that collusion between the administration and China was hurting U.S. national security. NSA, perhaps legitimately, was concerned that China could actually benefit from such disclosures.

In order that the database did not violate United States Signals Intelligence Directive (USSID) 18, which specifies that the names of ‘U.S. persons’ are to be deleted through a process known as minimization, the names of subject journalists were blanked out. However, in a violation of USSID 18, certain high level users could unlock the database field through a super-user status and view the ‘phantom names’ of the journalists in question.

Some of the ‘source’ information in FIRSTFRUITS was classified -- an indication that some of the articles in the database were not obtained through open source means. In fact, NSA insiders report that the communications monitoring tasking system known as ECHELON is being used more frequently for purely political eavesdropping having nothing to do with national security or counter terrorism.

In addition, outside agencies and a ‘second party,’ Great Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), are permitted to access the journalist database. FIRSTFRUITS was originally developed by the CIA but given to NSA to operate with CIA funding. The database soon grew to capacity, was converted from a Lotus Notes to an Oracle system, and NSA took over complete ownership of the system from the CIA.

Tens of thousands of articles are found in FIRSTFRUITS and part of the upkeep of the system has been outsourced to outside contractors, such as Booz Allen, which periodically hosts inter-agency Foreign Denial and Deception meetings within its Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility or ‘SCIF’ in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Currently, in addition to NSA and GCHQ, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) routinely access the database, which is, in essence, a classified and more powerful version of the commercial NEXIS news search database.

In addition to Gertz, other journalists who feature prominently in the database include Seymour Hersh of The New Yorke,; author and journalist James Bamford, James Risen of The New York Times, Vernon Loeb of The Washington Post, John C. K. Daly of UPI, and this journalist [Wayne Madsen].

Since the disclosure of FIRSTFRUITS, NSA changed the cover name but the system remains in existence. Not only does the follow-on to FIRST FRUITS contain articles about NSA written by journalists, it has been expanded to include information gleaned from wiretaps on journalists, including sources with whom they communicate by phone, email, fax, and Voice-over-IP (VOIP), including Skype, which the NSA has managed to bring under easier surveillance due to some recent advances in VOIP surveillance technology, according to NSA sources.

This editor has, thanks to dozens of NSA sources, managed to report on the poor morale; overbearing Stasi-like conduct of NSA security personnel, including the wrongful prosecution and conviction of NSA Iraqi shop analyst Ken Ford, Jr.; contract mismanagement and fraud conducted by then-NSA Director General Michael Hayden; outrageous treatment of NSA whistleblowers by the NSA security and psychological staffs that work in the same fashion that the old Soviet KGB and psychiatric hospitals treated dissidents; and the outsourcing of sensitive signals intelligence contracts to companies with dubious links to foreign intelligence agencies, most importantly, those of Israel.

Federal investigators are apparently using the terms “espionage” and “treason” with regard to the investigation that includes this editor. The maximum penalty for espionage and treason, according to U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, is death.

On January 12, 2006, this editor first reported on the criminal investigation being carried out by the Bush administration: “Informed intelligence sources have informed this editor that he has, since October 2005, been under an active federal criminal investigation as part of the Bush administration’s probe of leaks about illegal NSA surveillance of U.S. citizens.

To reiterate what I’ve stated before: I refuse to cede my First Amendment rights and will not cooperate with ANY grand jury asking questions about sources and I will refuse to turn over notebooks or other materials to any investigators, warrant or not. I’m willing to become a political prisoner rather than succumb to the fascist thugs in the Bush administration. WMR is working on a number of investigations involving The Carlyle Group, the Fellowship Foundation, and illegal surveillance. We will continue to publish until the Bush administration makes their move to shut us down. Again, your support has helped us to gain enough of a media presence to make the Bush administration nervous.”

This publication, not intimidated by NSA, the FBI, or other Bush administration entities, will continue to report on the misuse of America’s intelligence agencies for political purposes and the repeated violations of the U.S. Constitution by illegal surveillance of citizens, including First Amendment-protected journalists. WMR has learned today [Monday] that our colleague, New York journalist Joe Lauria, who has written a series of articles on the Turkish/Israeli intelligence network exposed by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, is now also the subject of an FBI “leaks” investigation.

The FIRSTFRUITS journalist surveillance system was renamed after our exposure of its existence. According to our NSA source, who was involved in another operation designed to scan the media and academia for leaks, a program called “Cryptologic Insecurities,” FIRSTFRUITS exists within a new strategic program by NSA to surveil journalists, which may be the subject of a classified United States Signals Intelligence Directive (USSID 304P), dated June 7, 2007. One term used by NSA with regard to journalists in the FIRSTFRUITS follow-on surveillance system is the Orwellian-sounding ”media control.”

There is also reason to believe that additional journalists are now subject to FIRSTFRUITS surveillance and include Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times, Christiane Amanpour of CNN, and Lauria.

WMR has also learned that NSA has drastically cut the number of Hebrew and Russian linguists, with the Hebrew linguists suffering the greatest cuts. The result of this decision is that the two languages used most by international organized criminal syndicates that are part of the Russian-Israeli Mafia are virtually free to conduct their weapons, diamond, and drug smuggling operations, as well as financial fraud, without being subject to NSA surveillance.

Perhaps the fact that there exists a cabal within the U.S. District for Maryland, a few officials who have conspired to wrongfully prosecute NSA employees is not coincidental to the purge of Hebrew and Russian linguists at NSA. A triumvirate has emerged that suggests illegal collusion to prosecute NSA whistleblowers that includes U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod Rosenstein, his assistant David Salem, and US Judge Peter Messitte, who, according to U.S. intelligence sources, carries, in addition to his U.S. passport, a passport issued by Portugal.

WMR has also learned that an NSA signals intelligence mission codenamed “SALAMANDER” and devoted to monitoring communications in Georgia, may have been misused to provide the neocon Georgian government of Mikheil Saakashvili with intelligence gleaned from NSA intercepts of Saakashvili’s political opponents, including alleged phone calls with Russian embassy officials in Tbilisi. Those targeted in the wiretaps include Labor Party leader Shalva Natelashvili, Freedom Party leader Konstantin Gamsakhurdia, the late Georgian opposition financier Badri Patarkatsishvili, and Conservative Party leader Zviad Dzidziguri.

The provision of U.S. SIGINT to a nation like Georgia, which is well outside the normal American “second party” and “third party” SIGINT partners, represents a dramatic departure from traditional U.S. intelligence management and may have provided sensitive sources and methods information to the Georgian government, one which includes a number of dual Georgian-Israeli nationals.

The Effective Use of Disinformation

"Babies Thrown From Incubators"- the LIE that allowed George HW Bush to begin the Gulf War.

Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ, (called "Nurse Nayirah" in the media) was a fifteen-year-old Kuwaiti girl, who alleged that she had witnessed the murder of infant children by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, in verbal testimony to the U.S. Congress, in the run up to the 1991 Gulf War.

Her testimony, which was regarded as credible at the time, has since come to be regarded as wartime propaganda.

The public relations firm Hill & Knowlton, which was in the employ of Citizens for a Free Kuwait, had arranged the testimony.

This publicly available evidence that the first Bush (George HW Bush) administration orchestrated an elaborate conspiracy to gain support for the first Gulf War.

Iraqi soldiers were reported by alleged eye witnesses to have removed babies from incubators. As it turns out, this was a handy liethat was promoted in speeches by George Bush Sr.

He repeated the false testimony of the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador who was carefully coached by a Washington public relations company.

He was a role model for his son in the effective use of disinformation.

Not One Piece of Hard Aircraft Evidence

*Col. George Nelson MBA U.S. Air Force ret., wrote on Jan 26, 2010:

To the good people of New Hampshire:

I am a former U.S. Air Force aircraft accident investigator and airplane parts authority. Graduate, U.S. Air Force War College. 34-year Air Force career, licensed commercial pilot. Licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic.

In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft — and in most cases the precise cause of the accident.

The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet not one piece of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from public view.

Please go to my website for more information:

Thank you New Hampshire for your activism on this ever important topic. There is no higher form of Patriotism than what you are doing right now.

Bless you,

George Nelson

* From a comment on a Letter to the Editor in the Keene Sentinel re 9/11.

The Underpants Bomber, Christmas 2009

BOMBSHELL: Evidence Clearly Indicates Staged Attack on Detroit Flight.

CNN Airs Witness Testimony that 'Well Dressed' Indian accomplice helped Abdulmutallab board without passport and that man on plane filmed entire flight and bombing attempt.

Good & decent people can be manipulated by fear and prejudice to bring to power a force of evil disguised as security and protection. Just like after 9/11, airport travelers are again prepared to accept greater violations of their liberties and privacy for supposed security.

Yet "patsies" and watchlist-subjects alike have repeatedly been allowed to bypass security clearance and been proven to have ties to the intelligence community. This is the latest accused ‘terrorist.’

Commenting on this incident, Joe Lieberman, the Senator from Connecticut, said to Fox News, "The U.S. needs to bomb Yemen and pronto. Iraq was yesterday's war, Afghanistan is today's war. If we don't act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow's war."

Here's an article that illuminates:

Ray McGovern: "Answering Helen Thomas on Why They Want to Harm Us"

Thank God for Helen Thomas, the only person to show any courage at the White House press briefing after President Barack Obama gave a flaccid account of the intelligence screw-up that almost downed an airliner on Christmas Day.

After Obama briefly addressed L'Affaire Abdulmutallab and wrote "must do better" on the report cards of the national security schoolboys responsible for the near catastrophe, the President turned the stage over to counter-terrorism guru John Brennan and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

It took 89-year old veteran correspondent Helen Thomas to break through the vapid remarks about channeling "intelligence streams," fixing "no-fly" lists, deploying "behavior detection officers," and buying more body-imaging scanners.

Thomas recognized the John & Janet filibuster for what it was, as her catatonic press colleagues took their customary dictation and asked their predictable questions. Instead, Thomas posed an adult query that spotlighted the futility of government plans to counter terrorism with more high-tech gizmos and more intrusions on the liberties and privacy of the traveling public.

She asked why Abdulmutallab did what he did.

Thomas: "Why do they want to do us harm? And what is the motivation? We never hear what you find out on why."

Brennan: "Al Qaeda is an organization that is dedicated to murder and wanton slaughter of innocents" They attract individuals like Mr. Abdulmutallab and use them for these types of attacks. He was motivated by a sense of religious sort of drive. Unfortunately, al Qaeda has perverted Islam, and has corrupted the concept of Islam, so that he's (sic) able to attract these individuals. But al Qaeda has the agenda of destruction and death."

Thomas: "And you're saying it's because of religion?"

Brennan: "I'm saying it's because of an al Qaeda organization that used the banner of religion in a very perverse and corrupt way."

Thomas: "Why?"

Brennan: "I think this is a -- long issue, but al Qaeda is just determined to carry out attacks here against the homeland."

Thomas: "But you haven't explained why."

Neither did President Obama, nor anyone else in the U.S. political/media hierarchy. All the American public gets is the boilerplate about how evil al Qaeda continues to pervert a religion and entice and exploit impressionable young men.

There is almost no discussion about why so many people in the Muslim world object to U.S. policies so strongly that they are inclined to resist violently and even resort to suicide attacks.

Obama's Non-Answer

I had been hoping Obama would say something intelligent about what drove Abdulmutallab to do what he did, but the President limited himself to a few vacuous comments before sending in the clowns. This is what he said before he walked away from the podium:

"It is clear that al Qaeda increasingly seeks to recruit individuals without known terrorist affiliations " to do their bidding. " And that's why we must communicate clearly to Muslims around the world that al Qaeda offers nothing except a bankrupt vision of misery and death " while the United States stands with those who seek justice and progress. " That's the vision that is far more powerful than the hatred of these violent extremists."

But why it is so hard for Muslims to "get" that message? Why can't they end their preoccupation with dodging U.S. missiles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Gaza long enough to reflect on how we are only trying to save them from terrorists while simultaneously demonstrating our commitment to "justice and progress"?

Does a smart fellow like Obama expect us to believe that all we need to do is "communicate clearly to Muslims" that it is al Qaeda, not the U.S. and its allies, that brings "misery and death"? Does any informed person not know that the unprovoked U.S.-led invasion of Iraq killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and displaced 4.5 million from their homes? How is that for "misery and death"?

Rather than a failure to communicate, U.S. officials are trying to rewrite recent history, which seems to be much easier to accomplish with the Washington press corps and large segments of the American population than with the Muslim world.

But why isn't there a frank discussion by America's leaders and media about the real motivation of Muslim anger toward the United States? Why was Helen Thomas the only journalist to raise the touchy but central question of motive?

Peeking Behind the Screen

We witnessed a similar phenomenon when the 9/11 Commission Report tiptoed into a cautious discussion of possible motives behind the 9/11 attacks. To their credit, the drafters of that report apparently went as far as their masters would allow, in gingerly introducing a major elephant into the room:

"America's policy choices have consequences. Right or wrong, it is simply a fact that American policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and American actions in Iraq are dominant staples of popular commentary across the Arab and Muslim world." (p. 376)

When asked later about the flabby way that last sentence ended, former Congressman Lee Hamilton, Vice-Chair of the 9/11 Commission, explained that there had been a Donnybrook over whether that paragraph could be included at all.

The drafters also squeezed in the reason given by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as to why he "masterminded" the attacks on 9/11:

"By his own account, KSM's animus toward the United States stemmed " from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel."

Would you believe that former Vice President Dick Cheney also has pointed to U.S. support for Israel as one of the "true sources of resentment"? This unique piece of honesty crept into his speech to the American Enterprise Institute on May 21, 2009.

Sure, he also trotted out the bromide that the terrorists hate "all the things that make us a force for good in the world." But the Israel factor did slip into the speech, perhaps an inadvertent acknowledgement of the Israeli albatross adorning the neck of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Very few pundits and academicians are willing to allude to this reality, presumably out of fear for their future career prospects.

Former senior CIA officer Paul Pillar, now a professor at Georgetown University, is one of the few willing to refer, in his typically understated way, to "all the other things " including policies and practices that affect the likelihood that people " will be radicalized, and will try to act out the anger against us." One has to fill in the blanks regarding what those "other things" are.

But no worries. Secretary Napolitano has a fix for this unmentionable conundrum. It's called "counter-radicalization," which she describes thusly:

"How do we identify someone before they become radicalized to the point where they're ready to blow themselves up with others on a plane? And how do we communicate better American values and so forth " around the globe?"

Better communication. That's the ticket.

Hypocrisy and Double Talk

But Napolitano doesn't acknowledge the underlying problem, which is that many Muslims have watched Washington's behavior closely for many years and view pious U.S. declarations about peace, justice, democracy and human rights as infuriating examples of hypocrisy and double talk.

So, Washington's sanitized discussion about motives for terrorism seems more intended for the U.S. domestic audience than the Muslim world.

After all, people in the Middle East already know how Palestinians have been mistreated for decades; how Washington has propped up Arab dictatorships; how Muslims have been locked away at Guantanamo without charges; how the U.S. military has killed civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere; how U.S. mercenaries have escaped punishment for slaughtering innocents.

The purpose of U.S. "public diplomacy" appears more designed to shield Americans from this unpleasant reality, offering instead feel-good palliatives about the beneficence of U.S. actions. Most American journalists and politicians go along with the charade out of fear that otherwise they would be accused of lacking patriotism or sympathizing with "the enemy."

Commentators who are neither naïve nor afraid are simply shut out of the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM).'s Glen Greenwald, for example, has complained loudly about "how our blind, endless enabling of Israeli actions fuels terrorism directed at the U.S.," and how it is taboo to point this out.

Greenwald recently called attention to a little-noticed Associated Press report on the possible motives of the 23-year-old Nigerian Abdulmutallab. The report quoted his Yemeni friends to the effect that the he was "not overtly extremist." But they noted that he was open about his sympathies toward the Palestinians and his anger over Israel's actions in Gaza. (Emphasis added)

Former CIA specialist on al Qaeda, Michael Scheuer, has been still more outspoken on what he sees as Israel's tying down the American Gulliver in the Middle East. Speaking Monday on C-SPAN, he complained bitterly that any debate on the issue of American support for Israel and its effects is normally squelched.

Scheuer added that the Israel Lobby had just succeeded in getting him removed from his job at the Jamestown Foundation think tank for saying that Obama was "doing what I call the Tel Aviv Two-Step."

More to the point, Scheuer asserted:

"For anyone to say that our support for Israel doesn't hurt us in the Muslim world " is to just defy reality."

Beyond loss of work, those who speak out can expect ugly accusations. The Israeli media network Arutz Sheva, which is considered the voice of the settler movement, weighed in strongly, branding Scheuer's C-SPAN remarks "blatantly anti-Semitic."

Media Squelching

As for media squelching, I continue to be amazed at how otherwise informed folks express total surprise when I refer them to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's statement about his motivation for attacking the United States, as cited on page 147 of the 9/11 Commission Report. Here is the full sentence (shortened above):

"By his own account, KSM's animus toward the United States stemmed not from his experience there as a student, but rather from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel."

One can understand how even those following such things closely can get confused. On Aug. 30, 2009, five years after the 9/11 Commission Report was released, readers of the neoconservative Washington Post were given a diametrically different view, based on what the Post called "an intelligence summary:"

"KSM's limited and negative experience in the United States -- which included a brief jail-stay because of unpaid bills -- almost certainly helped propel him on his path to becoming a terrorist " He stated that his contact with Americans, while minimal, confirmed his view that the United States was a debauched and racist country."

Apparently, the Post found this revisionist version politically more convenient, in that it obscured Mohammed's other explanation implicating "U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel." It's much more comforting to view KSM as a disgruntled visitor who nursed his personal grievances into justification for mass murder.

An unusually candid view of the dangers accruing from the U.S. identification with Israel's policies appeared five years ago in an unclassified study published by the Pentagon-appointed U.S. Defense Science Board on Sept. 23, 2004. Contradicting President George W. Bush, the board stated:

"Muslims do not "hate our freedom,' but rather, they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the longstanding, even increasing support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, and the Gulf States.

"Thus, when American public diplomacy talks about bringing democracy to Islamic societies, this is seen as no more than self-serving hypocrisy."

Abdulmutallab's Attack

Getting back to Abdulmutallab and his motive in trying to blow up the airliner, how was this individual without prior terrorist affiliations suddenly transformed into an international terrorist ready to die while killing innocents?

If, as John Brennan seems to suggest, al Qaeda terrorists are hard-wired at birth for the "wanton slaughter of innocents," how are they also able to jump-start a privileged 23-year old Nigerian, inculcate in him the acquired characteristics of a terrorist, and persuade him to do the bidding of al Qaeda/Persian Gulf?

As indicated above, the young Nigerian seems to have had particular trouble with Israel's wanton slaughter of more than a thousand civilians in Gaza a year ago, a brutal campaign that was defended in Washington as justifiable self-defense.

Moreover, it appears that Abdulmutallab is not the only anti-American "terrorist" so motivated. When the Saudi and Yemeni branches of al Qaeda announced that they were uniting into "al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula," their combined rhetoric railed against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

And on Dec. 30, Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, a 32-year-old Palestinian-born Jordanian physician, killed seven American CIA operatives and one Jordanian intelligence officer near Khost, Afghanistan, when he detonated a suicide bomb.

Though most U.S. media stories treated al-Balawi as a fanatical double agent driven by irrational hatreds, other motivations could be gleaned by carefully reading articles about his personal history.

Al-Balawi's mother told Agence France-Presse that her son had never been an "extremist." Al-Balawi's widow, Defne Bayrak, made a similar statement to Newsweek. In a New York Times article, al-Balawi's brother was quoted as describing him as a "very good brother" and a "brilliant doctor."

So what led al-Balawi to take his own life in order to kill U.S. and Jordanian intelligence operatives?

Al-Balawi's widow said her husband "started to change" after the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. His brother said al-Balawi "changed" during last year's three-week-long Israeli offensive in Gaza, which killed about 1,300 Palestinians. (Emphasis added)

When al-Balawi volunteered with a medical organization to treat injured Palestinians in Gaza, he was arrested by Jordanian authorities, his brother said.

It was after that arrest that the Jordanian intelligence service apparently coerced or "recruited" al-Balawi to become a spy who would penetrate al Qaeda's hierarchy and provide actionable intelligence to the CIA.

"If you catch a cat and put it in a corner, she will jump on you," the brother said in explaining why al-Balawi would turn to suicide attack.

"My husband was anti-American; so am I," his widow told Newsweek. Her two little girls would grow up fatherless, but she had no regrets.

Answering Helen

Are we starting to get the picture of what the United States is up against in the Muslim world?

Does Helen Thomas deserve an adult answer to her question about motive? Has President Obama been able to assimilate all this?

Or is the U.S. political/media establishment incapable of confronting this reality and/or taking meaningful action to alleviate the underlying causes of the violence?

Is the reported reaction of a CIA official to al-Balawi's attack the appropriate one: "Last week's attack will be avenged. Some very bad people will eventually have a very bad day."

Revenge has not always turned out very well in the past.

Does anyone remember the brutal killing of four Blackwater contractors on March 31, 2004, when they took a bad turn and ended up in the wrong neighborhood of the Iraqi city of Fallujah -- and how U.S. forces virtually leveled that large city in retribution after George W. Bush won his second term the following November?

If you read only the Fawning Corporate Media, you would blissfully think that the killing of the four Blackwater operatives was the work of fanatical animals who got along with their neighbors the reprisal they deserved. You wouldn't know that the killings represented the second turn in that specific cycle of violence.

On March 22, 2004, Israeli forces assassinated the then-spiritual leader of Hamas in Gaza, Sheikh Yassin -- a withering old man, blind and confined to a wheelchair. (Emphasis added)

That murder, plus sloppy navigation by the Blackwater men, set the stage for the next set of brutalities. The Blackwater operatives were killed by a group that described itself as the "Sheikh Yassin Revenge Brigade."

Pamphlets and posters were all over the scene of the attack; one of the trucks that pulled around body parts of the mercenaries had a large poster photo of Yassin in its window, as did store fronts all over Fallujah.

We can wish Janet Napolitano luck with her "counter-radicalization" project and President Obama with his effort to "communicate clearly to Muslims," but there will be no diminution in the endless cycles of violence unless legitimate grievances are addressed on all sides.

It would certainly also help if the American people were finally let in on the root causes for what otherwise gets portrayed as unprovoked savagery by Muslims.

* First published in January 8, 2010.

Ray McGovern now works with Tell the Word, the publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in inner-city Washington. During a 27-year career at CIA, he served under nine CIA directors and in all four of CIA’s main directorates, including operations. He is co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

Kevin Ryan: More Stunning Corporate Links to 9/11

In a reply to a letter in the Keene Sentinel, Kevin Ryan wrote on Jan 26, 2010:

"If New Hampshire succeeds with this endeavor, perhaps the following will be exposed, (among other things)

One month after 9/11, Paul Bremer would become the CEO for a new division called Marsh Crisis. Interestingly, the Yale graduate Bremer had been working to complete the National Report on Terrorism, and prior to that had been managing director for Kissinger Associates. According to a US Senate report, Kissinger Associates had a number of meetings with BCCI representatives in the late eighties and early nineties, and it refused to provide documents requested by the Senate investigators. Bremer was also a member of the board for Akzo Nobel, the parent of International Paint, a company that produced a fireproofing application for skyscrapers called Interchar.

Bremer was on the international advisory board for the Japanese mining and machinery company, Komatsu. At the time, Komatsu had been involved in a joint venture agreement with Dresser Industries, the oil-services/intelligence front in which Prescott Bush Sr. and George H. W. Bush got their start with Neil Mallon. The Komatsu-Dresser mining division operated from 1988 to 1997. In July 1996, it patented a thermite demolition device that could "demolish a concrete structure at a high efficiency, while preventing a secondary problem due to noise, flying dust and chips, and the like." Residues of thermite, the highly energetic chemical mixture, have been confirmed in samples of the WTC dust, and the use of thermite at the WTC was also revealed by environmental data. Dresser Industries merged with Dick Cheney's Halliburton in 1998.

The 9/11 Jumpers Remembered

It took me a while to decide to post videos about "the jumpers." My decision came after a conversation with someone who said "What does it matter now - forget it - it's time to move on. We've already had an investigation and it would cost too much to begin a new one." I disagreed - we cannot ignore the evidence nor deny those huge unanswered questions about the "official story."
- Editor, NHTruth Blog

The shock of the events of 9/11 hasn't been forgotten - especially those who witnessed the “Jumpers.”
This man remembers photographing the people who jumped.

The story of the victims who jumped to their deaths is one of the more poignant aspects of the September 11th attacks. It is most certainly one of the harder aspects to deal with - even after all these years. Photographs of people falling to their deaths shocked the world. Most newspapers and magazines ran only one or two photos, then chose to not publish any more.

But the few images that were out there, like The Falling Man (above), resonated with unbelief. Many who survived or witnessed the attacks on the WTC say the sight of victims jumping to a certain death is their most horrible memory of that day.

It is estimated that at least 200 people jumped to their deaths that morning, far more than can be seen in the photographs available to the public. Nearly all were from the north tower, which you will remember was hit first and collapsed last. Fewer than a dozen of the jumpers were from the south tower.

The jumping started shortly after the first jet hit at 8:46 a.m. People jumped continuously during the 102 minutes that the north tower stood. Two people jumped as the north tower began to fall at 10:28 a.m., witnesses said. For those who jumped, the fall lasted just 10 seconds. They struck the ground at 150 miles per hour — not fast enough to cause unconsciousness while falling, but fast enough to ensure instant death on impact.

Desperate people jumped from all four sides of the north tower. They jumped alone, they jumped in pairs and they jumped in groups. They jumped holding hands.

Nobody survived on the floors from which people jumped. Ultimately the jumpers, often called the day’s most public victims, chose not whether to die but how they would die. I am quite certain I would not have such courage.

CAUTION: The following 8 minute video clip is sad and painful to watch. (Note that the opening words of this video reflect the "official story.")

There are so many unanswered questions surrounding the tragic events of 9/11 and this is why we need a new and independent investigation of 9/11.

The following video is very disturbing and is not advised to be watched if you do not want to see anything that may offend as it shows people falling then shows images of them on the ground. This video has been uploaded to show the true horror of that day. I apologize in advance for any offense.

*DAVID RAY GRIFFIN: New 9/11 Evidence

Part 1

"If we do get a real investigation or a trial there is simply no doubt of what the verdict will be because now the evidence that 9/11 is an inside job is now overwhelming." - David Ray Griffin

In Part 1 Professor Griffin begins with inconsistencies between the statements made by Ted Olson (Solicitor General of the United States) about his wife Barbara Olson's cell phone calls from Flight 77
and that of the FBI. Additionally, Griffin talks about the impossibility of using cell phones at high altitudes.

The last half of Part 1 is spent discussing the odd and unlikely behavior of Mohammed Atta and the inconsistencies in the government's story about Atta.

ED NOTE: Unfortunately parts 2 and 3 have been removed because of "terms of use violation." When we are able to relocate them, we will repost.

* Recorded 6/4/2006

9/10: Rumsfeld announces $2.3 Trillion Dollars Goes Missing at the Pentagon

And on 9/11, the Army’s financial management/audit area at the Pentagon was badly damaged.

David Ray Griffin in his book, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, comments about one of Barbara Honegger’s observations on what happened in the Pentagon on 9/11, from page 104, paragraph two of his book . . .

“First, the day before 9/11, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld stated at a press conference that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion dollars. Second, one of the most damaged areas was the
Army’s financial management/audit area. This combination of facts had led Barbara Honegger to ask: ‘Were the auditors who could “‘follow the money,”’ and the computers whose data could help them do it, intentionally targeted?

“According to Honegger, she discussed this issue with Michael Nielsen, the aforementioned civilian auditor for the Army—who in fact was working in the Operations Office of the Army’s Financial Brand and probably survived only because he had gone back to his own (temporary) office shortly before the attack, which killed most of the people in the Operations Office. When she asked Nielson whether he believed that the Operations Office might have been targeted because of the missing money, he replied in the affirmative, according to Honegger, adding that the records then were, in fact, destroyed. In any case, this hypothesis is one that should be considered if and when a true investigation takes place.”

Our thanks to Jerry Mazza for this quote.

Believe Your Eyes - They Tell You No Lies!


Controlled demolition of Building #7 from the bottom up - whereas the towers were demolished from the top down.

See the top "crimp" as building #7 begins to fall? This is classic demolition.

1000 Architects and Engineers call for 9/11 Truth


They have now reached 1000 professional members, further legitimizing calls for a new investigation into the September 11th attacks based upon physical evidence and analysis that is completely inconsistent with the official story.

Everyone can sign the AE911Truth petition and call upon Congress for a truly independent investigation into the 3 WTC High-rise "collapses" on 9/11. Our voices will be louder and more resonant in the halls of Congress when joined together as one voice of hundreds of architects and engineers and others. All petition signers receive a copy of their eNewsletter: The Blueprint

Freeway Bannering in LA

Here's a way for a small group to show how we can spread some 9/11 Truth to a lot of people. On Jan 11, 2010, 35 members of "WeAreChange LA" showed up for The 11th of the Month Truth Action.

Banners and/or the artwork for this is available from the Artchitects and Engineers website.

The group had two blue banners on the Sunset Blvd overpass at the Hollywood Freeway and got a very positive response.


This 32min video is the most concise report on 9/11 that I have yet seen. No emotional overloads just facts... The way it should be presented. An excellent video to share:

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN: 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions

A lecture by David Ray Griffin about the "9/11 Commission Report" and his latest book " The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions". Here he debunkEd the entire Kean commission and the report as an enormous lie through omissions.

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN: Let's Get Empirical

In this talk, based on his book Debunking 9/11 Debunking, David Ray Griffin rebuts Popular Mechanics and other defenders of the official conspiracy theory.

Pointing out that most objections to the alternative theory, according to which 9/11 was an inside job, are based on purely a priori arguments and a propagandistic use of the term “conspiracy theory.” He shows that if we get empirical about 9/11, we can quickly see that the official story cannot be true. (Generously illustrated with graphics and video clips.)

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN: 9/11; Should the Truth be Revealed or Concealed?

Copenhagen, Sept. 14, 2006

Shot from Street Level: South Tower collapsing

Shot from street level of South Tower collapsing. This is a clip from the CameraPlanet 9/11 Archive. For information regarding full resolution clips of this material, or the archive, email:

World Trade Center South Tower Demolition live on abc with Peter Jennings

Don Dahler: Yes Peter its Don Dahler down here. I'm 4 blocks North of the World Trade Center. The second building that was hit by the plane has just completely collapsed. The entire building has just collapsed as if a demolition team setoff (pause) when you see the old demolition of these old buildings. It just folded in on itself and it is not there anymore.

Peter Jennings: If you wish to bring, if anyone has ever watched a building being demolished on purpose knows, that you're going to do this you have to get at the, at the under infrastructure of a building and bring it down. ...

Peter Jennings: Thanks Don very much. Umm, Just looking at that, I don't know why but when was the last time the United States was attacked in this fashion, it was Pearl Harbour in 1941.

9/11 Justice

A brief but carefully presented and supported criminal indictment of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Richard Myers, and Condoleeza Rice for murder in the events of 9-11, presenting all the best evidence in a concise but powerful manner.

It includes Larry Silverstein's admission that the explosives were used; and Norman Mineta's identification of Dick Cheney as the person who gave the order not to scramble jets, or fire any weapons in defense of the Pentagon.

Building the World Trade Center Towers

For those who think "Jet Fuel" and gravity pulverized that concrete and 45 interior steel columns. Educate yourself and you'll see 9/11 was a planned demolition and WTC Tower 7 collapsed with no plane striking it.

Eyewitness Video , Plane Hits Second Tower, Collapse

This was filmed from an apartment that faced the twin can hear voices, tv news in the background and get the sense of "real time" and how quickly those towers came down after impact.

PRESENTATION: William Rodriguez's Story

911 symposium in Los Angeles CA.

BARRY JENNINGS: Emergency Coordinator for the New York Housing Authority, and Key Eyewitness to Explosions in Building 7

Emergency Coordinator Barry Jennings gives his explosive account from inside WTC7 hours before its collapse on 9/11.

Emergency coordinator for the New York Housing Authority, and key 9/11 eyewitness, Barry Jennings has passed away with controversy about WTC7 still hot as the BBC hit piece and NIST report have been released to counter Jennings exclusive testimony of explosions inside Building 7. Jennings passed away at age 53 from circumstances not yet disclosed.

A spokesperson for the Housing Authority has now confirmed his death, after weeks of rumors circulating online, but refused to give any further details. Several other individuals at the Housing Authority also confirmed that they knew Barry Jennings, and that indeed he had passed away about a month ago. No other details were available.

No one has yet been able to contact anyone in the Jennings family and the official cause of death is not yet known, but online comments have reported the date of death as August 19, 2008.

It is very unusual that a prominent — and controversial 9/11 witness would die only days before the release of NISTs report on WTC7 and shortly after a firestorm erupted over his testimony that he heard explosions inside the building prior to collapse of either tower and that there were dead bodies in the buildings blown-out lobby.

The BBC aired The Third Tower in July in attempt to debunk Barry Jennings account which is both contradictory and damaging to the official 9/11 story by making issue over whether or not he said he saw dead bodies in the lobby.

Yet Jennings own statement in an exclusive interview with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas which has not been denied was: The fire fighter who took us down kept saying, Dont look down. And I said, Why. And we were stepping over people you know, you can feel when youre stepping over people.

Now the release of Jason Bermas Fabled Enemies is giving further exposure to Jennings controversial account. The film features a full interview with Barry Jennings, as well as the statements he and Michael Hess, who was also trapped with him inside WTC7, made to news media on the day of the attacks.
Barry Jennings reiterated in the exclusive interview his confusion over the explanation for WTC7s collapse given that he clearly heard explosions inside the building.

That interview was not released until June 2008 at the request of Mr. Jennings, who had received numerous threats to his job and asked that it be left out of Loose Change: Final Cut because of those threats.

Jennings statements have lit fire to questions about what really caused the sudden collapse of WTC7 just as NIST had hoped the release of their report would quash widespread beliefs that the building was brought down by controlled demolition.

News of Jennings death comes on the heels of losing another 9/11 hero and eyewitness Kenny Johannemann, who reportedly committed suicide 12 days before the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Johannemann is credited with saving at least one mans life on 9/11 and was also a witness to explosions in the towers.

NISTs report, as well as that of the 9/11 Commission (which did not even mention WTC7), completely ignored statements from the building leaseholder Larry Silverstein as well as numerous police, fire fighters and other eyewitnesses who have testified that they were warned about the buildings collapse and told to get back. One rescue worker even heard a countdown for the buildings implosion.

The truth about WTC7 will come out, and Barry Jennings testimony will not be in vain.

Explosions, Explosions

Sorry for the audio being slightly out of sync. All of the individual news reports in this video can be found on YouTube and other video sites.

Bombs, explosions, secondary explosions, explosive many more times do we need to hear these words being said by 9/11 witnesses before we start asking questions about what really happened on that awful day?

This video shows that many actual 9/11 witnesses heard and saw explosions going off inside the towers, long before they actually fell. These witnesses include police, firemen and reporters.

And what is even more shocking is the fact that all of this has been largely ignored by the mainstream media after the day itself.

For those debunkers who wish to keep saying that the explosions were caused by gas lines, please save your breath. All of the three buildings that were blown up on 9/11 were all Class-A buildings. This means that gas lines were not permitted because the buildings had to comply with the safety regulations set out for Class-A buildings. So there were no gas lines!

We really need to wake up to the facts and ask questions. If we don't, what does that say about us?

(Germany's) Black Propaganda (Sefton Delmer)

is a powerful tool and does us a world of bad:

Part 1 of 5

Part 2 of 5

Part 3 of 5

Part 4 of 5

Part 5 of 5

Change Blindness

Research and history about how Americans are as blind to US fascism as Nazi-era Germans:

By Carl Herman, LA County Nonpartisan Examiner

Psychological research demonstrates that large-scale dramatic change can escape attention when the change is unsuspected, unannounced, and agents causing the change act as if nothing is different. Two areas of this cognitive study are “change blindness” and “inattentional blindness.”

When we include consideration of “cognitive dissonance,” the rejection of facts when they conflict with important beliefs, we can approach an explanation of how educated citizens could accept fascism when it was unsuspected, unannounced, and the responsible agents fraudulently represented the new government as no different from the old. Cognitive dissonance would deter many people to accept the new reality, even when the facts were clear.

The definition of “fascism” has some academic variance, but is essentially collusion among corporatocracy, authoritarian government, and controlled media and education. This “leadership” is only possible with a nationalistic public accepting policies of war, empire, and limited civil and political rights.

Yes, I am making the argument that the US is no longer a constitutinal republic, but a fascist regime that Americans are struggling with cognitive dissonance, change blindness, and inattentional blindness to recognize. Let’s look to history before we consider the US of the present and if we are afflicted with a kind of cognitive blindness to American fascism.

Fascism in Germany

Historically in Nazi Germany, Hitler wrote of the power of the “Big Lie”:

"All this was inspired by the principle - which is quite true in itself - that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so are brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes."
- Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf , vol.1, ch. 10, 1925

This psychological factor, combined with German resentment against blame and payment for WW1, the Nazi partial implementation of monetary reform that created full employment and a successful economy in the middle of the Great Depression, set a frame of relative trust in government. Dissent was “re-educated” or crushed in work camps, propaganda and education lauded genuine economic infrastructure improvement parallel to military build-up. The downfall was the result of a critical mass of the public believing their government’s overall trustworthiness, and subsequently their story that the invasion of Poland was defensive against Germany being attacked. Germany framed their War of Aggression as their “War to save Europe;” a noble national defense against Britain and France's determination to keep Germany weak and non-competitive to their goals for imperialistic global domination, and against the rise of Bolshevism in Russia.

The demonized Jews were at first framed as dangerous to German national achievement. Their economic success as a group was framed as parasitism, and influence in the press as self-serving rather than in service to the nation. As a group, they became synonymous to terrorists.

Nazi Germany’s Master Plan

We now know that Nazi leadership’s goals were European domination and partnership with Britain in exchange for non-competition of their empire, and written by Hitler in his unpublished second book in 1928. The Nazi’s saw their goal of a unified Europe under their “superior” governance as a greater good that justified their “creative destruction” of inferior humans. They would lie to the German public as they advanced forward to accomplish what they perceived as a noble future for Germany, Europe, and eventually the world when Britain and Germany’s alliance would eventually absorb or defeat the US around 1980.

Does the US have a similar plan of fascist Nazi Germany for a “superior” American future that is worth wars and lies to accomplish? Let’s explore.

America’s Master Plan?

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) contributed over 20 of the Bush Administration’s “leadership,” including Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, and other key positions in Defense and State Departments.

In 1992, then Secretary of Defense Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz produced a paper for the future strategic goals of the US following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The paper was leaked; among the goals was for the US to expand as the world's Superpower through our military to "establish and protect a new order." The report endorsed “pre-emptive” attacks and ad hoc coalitions for military objectives, but as an unrivaled Superpower should act independent of international agreement if "collective action cannot be orchestrated." The strategy included military plans for intervention in Iraq for US "access to vital raw material, primarily Persian Gulf oil."

In 1998, PNAC lobbied President Clinton for war with Iraq, independent of UN Security Council legal authority. In 2000, PNAC issued its report, "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for the New Century" (summary here). The report stated the goal of a “Pax Americana,” an American “peace” that would achieve US interests by the method of "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major-theater wars." The US would usurp UN authority: "demand American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations." The US would ensure its dominance through expansion of global military bases, now at over 700.

The report ominously included on page 63: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor." This would conveniently happen on 9/11; kicking in plans for invasion and hegemony in Afghanistan, Iraq, rhetoric for war with Iran, and now attacks in Pakistan.

How close is the US to fascism?

We’re there; the US is fascist. As a teacher of US government, I spend a lot of time with these basic definitions. Let’s look.

The US was formed as a constitutional republic; a political philosophy of limited government, separated powers with checks and balances to ensure the federal government’s power stays limited within the Constitution, protected civil liberties, and elected representatives responsible to the people who retain the most political power.

The US ideals that we embrace is equality under just laws, freedom of opportunity expressed through inalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence, and creative independence to cooperatively compete for our best ideas to be rewarded.

Is this what we have today? Hardly. Let’s consider the salient evidence.

The US brazenly violates our laws of war, both demanded by the Constitution and the UN Charter, with open invasion of Afghanistan in abject violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1373 and their government’s agreement to help extradite Osama bin Laden upon US presentment of evidence that he was involved in any crime of UN and/or international law. The US refused both the Afghan standard legal requirement of extradition and the UN resolution for cooperation under law and attacked. The new administration of Obama does not acknowledge this illegal history, but expands the invasion and attacks Pakistan. This policy is fascist, not limited by US law.

The US openly lied about reasons to justify an attack upon Iraq, destroying any semblance of argument of “self-defense.” The Obama administration won’t acknowledge the disclosed history from our own House and Senate investigations, and violates his oath of office to prosecute clear crimes. This policy is authoritarian, fascist, and does not hold equality under just laws. It is an un-American policy by definition.

The US tortured, with Obama refusing to prosecute and giving empty rhetoric to end it. The destruction of civil liberties to enforce authoritarian government is fascist, not American.

The US lies for more war with Iran, rejecting inalienable and legal rights for Iranians. Obama continues this policy of unlawful aggression, including official policy for first-strike nuclear weapons upon conclusion that Iran poses a possible future threat to the US and/or our allies. Political leaders and corporate media ignore the ignoble history of US vicious domination of Iranian government through coup and backed invasion. Fascist policy; un-American.

The US violates numerous treaty law with WMD, and hypocritically asserts our war targets' alleged violations justify US armed attack. This rejection of limited government under the law is a fascist empire on the loose, not a law-abiding neighbor. Added hypocrisy is the psychopathic front of American political leaders as Christians.

American corporatocracy is dominated by Enron-like cartels, headed by banks receiving the transfer of TRILLIONS of our tax dollars to pay-off their gambling debts in exotic derivative markets the federal government regulates only in more empty rhetoric. This socialization of corporate-insiders’ losses is fascist, and fundamentally in opposition of the American ideal of cooperative competition on a level playing field. Obvious financial solutions for the public good are ignored in their corporate and not public policy commitment.

While our government's official line is respect for Islam, their wars betray this analysis. If extremists were the small minority, why not peacefully cooperate to marginalize and arrest those in violation of just laws? Muslims as a group are often demonized in US media, and often the entire group is branded as terrorists. For example, consider the segment from the radio talk show of Michael Savage below.

The corporate media will not present such disturbing facts and analysis. Their outright lies of commission and omission are prima facie evidence of a controlled media, supported by revealed documentation from whistle-blowers. American freedom of the press is left to independent websites and those few media outlets who tolerate reporting such as you read now.

I was not rehired as a government teacher for presenting these documented facts in consideration of the most basic definitions among the first lessons in studying government. I am a Harvard-educated and National Board Certified teacher with a history including two Los Angeles mayors honoring me as one of the city’s top few teachers. I present facts far more boldly to a targeted adult journal audience than to high school-aged children preparing to enter adult civic participation. I put the disturbing information of US disclosed facts of war (mostly from House and Senate Committee reports) in writing and submitted it to peer-review to my social studies department colleagues and principal before distribution to students. No factual errors or bias was reported; the department chair and I met for an hour’s conversation of how to bridge expected denial of facts from cognitive dissonance. We concluded our first step to send a co-signed e-mail in affirmation of allowing professional factual discovery and discourse to lead our teaching. Despite having no error in fact or pedagogy reported to me, I was not rehired by the school board (we had moved back to California and as a second-year teacher in that district they could do so without explanation). I was denied any opportunity of discussion regarding the reason for my non-rehire. Although not a federal government example, I think it suggests a de facto control.

This is a good transition to consider cognitive blindness.

The 20th Century German public were well-educated, leaders in cultural achievement, and on the forefront of science. They were duped by emotionally-laden and polished propaganda to support brutal military aggression and mass murder.

We know from the Milgram Experiment and Stanford Prison Experiment that human beings are susceptible to vicious behavior under the veneer of authorized actions.

And we know from the following 4-minute video documenting a form of cognitive blindness, that unexpected fundamental change can go unrecognized when authority pretends nothing changed and nobody is there to point it out.

Policy response: Gandhi and Martin Luther King advocated public understanding of the facts and non-cooperation with evil. I’m among hundreds who advocate:

Understand the laws of war. These were legislated after WW2 and are crystal-clear that only self-defense, in a narrow legal meaning, can justify war. This investment of your time takes less than an hour and empowers you to legally stand for ending these Wars of Aggression.

Refuse and end all orders and acts associated with these unlawful wars. Those involved with US military, government, and law enforcement have an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. Unlawful acts only move forward with sufficient cooperation and public tolerance. Stop cooperating with the most vicious crime a nation can commit: war. Stop tolerating it.

Prosecute the war leaders for obvious violation of the letter and spirit of US war laws. You can only understand how these wars are specifically unlawful by investing the time to do so. Because the crimes are so broad and deep, I recommend Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) to exchange full truth and return of stolen US assets for non-prosecution. This is the most expeditious way to understand and end all unlawful and harmful acts. Those who reject T&R either by volunteering their name and/or responding when named are subject to prosecution after the window of T&R closes.

Please share this article with all who can benefit and use the archive of my work to help build a brighter future. - Carl Herman

It should be noted to most people in any society the type of government matters not. Most people get up and work to feed their family and if they have extra money spend it on luxury items or travel if they have the ability or a passport. Most people don't travel and don't have luxury and don't need "freedoms" or protection of their rights in ANY form of government. Most people simply function on a level which runs society and is not concerned with larger issues.

Virtually all workers are exploited and wealth extracted from their labor. Virtually all workers are kept ignorant and in survival mode, unorganized and powerless to change anything. Most people have no idea of anything better or different and how they can know it.

Americans believe that they vote and get the government they want and deserve. But increasingly Americans have come to realize that voting, elections and government does not represent them but "special interests" which are those with wealth and power who want more - and trans national corporations which use the government simply to extract wealth from the working classes.

And most Americans have been too busy with pop culture and other personal distraction to learn about or understand that they are exploited and being poisoned, robbed and turned into wage slaves for their entire lives. And most American bought into the myth of endless growth and better living through "innovation" made possible by wall street.

Both the collapse and the clamp down are coming . . .