*DAVID RAY GRIFFIN: New 9/11 Evidence

Part 1

"If we do get a real investigation or a trial there is simply no doubt of what the verdict will be because now the evidence that 9/11 is an inside job is now overwhelming." - David Ray Griffin

In Part 1 Professor Griffin begins with inconsistencies between the statements made by Ted Olson (Solicitor General of the United States) about his wife Barbara Olson's cell phone calls from Flight 77
and that of the FBI. Additionally, Griffin talks about the impossibility of using cell phones at high altitudes.

The last half of Part 1 is spent discussing the odd and unlikely behavior of Mohammed Atta and the inconsistencies in the government's story about Atta.

ED NOTE: Unfortunately parts 2 and 3 have been removed because of "terms of use violation." When we are able to relocate them, we will repost.

* Recorded 6/4/2006

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