Shanksville and Flight 93

Flight 93 Crash Site - appeared once on TV and was never seen again:

Notice how the reporter mentions that the wreckage is spread over several miles. If the plane simply crashed, why would the wreckage be so wide spread? Also strange however is the lack of plane wreckage once again. Just like the Pentagon, the government said the airplane "vaporized." And I have some oceanfront property in Phoenix to sell you....

Here are a couple of pictures from the Shanksville, PA "Flight 93 crash" site. The "official story" is that the airplane must have "vaporized."

They "found" the black box - yet the engines and everything else just "vaporized?"

"The Boeing 757 still heavily laden with jet fuel slammed at about 575 mph almost straight down into a rolling patch of grassy land that had long ago been strip-mined for coal."
- Washington Post (05/12/02)

"We (were) literally surrounded by debris, and there's a very strong odor of scorched earth," Parsons reported. "It doesn't smell like jet fuel, it smells like ... How do you describe it? Burned earth. It smells like burned earth."
- Pittsburgh Channel (09/11/01)

"The soil is being tested for jet fuel, and at least three test wells have been sunk to monitor groundwater, since three nearby homes are served by wells, Betsy Mallison, a state Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman, said. So far, no contamination has been discovered, she said."
- (10/03/01)

Environmental Restoration Begins At Somerset Site, Residents Concerned About Well Water:
"Three groundwater monitoring wells show no evidence of groundwater contamination and nearly 6,000 cubic yards of dirt sifted for human remains and aircraft debris will soon be returned to the crater left Sept. 11 by United Airlines Flight 93. Environmental Resources Management of Wexford, Pa., will fill in the crater caused by the crash, which was dug 50 feet deep by recovery workers. Betsy Mallison, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, said that investigators still don't know how much jet fuel was spilled at the crash site. But whether it burned away or evaporated, much of it seems to have dissipated, Mallison said."
-The Pittsburgh Channel (10/02/01)

Compare the above pictures from the Shanksville "crash site" to some pictures of REAL plane crashes below:

Isn't it obvious that Flight 93 had a different fate that we don't know about (yet)? We will need a new independent investigation to find out what really happened on 9/11.
The AGM-158 can be dropped from the B-2 Spirit. "In the terminal phase, JASSM is guided by an imaging infrared seeker and a general pattern match-autonomous target recognition system." An interesting feature, when they program a target into this cruise missile, they create a 3-D image in it's brain, making it extremely accurate. Watch them fly it through a window without clipping the wings.

This is the smoke plume supposedly from Flight 93 crashing. Note that the plume rises straight up into the air which suggests no wind in the area. (Photo source FEMA)

This is the same photo of the Shanksville plume inset in a photo of an ordinance blast plume for comparison.

Ordinance blast in Afghanistan.

Ordinance blast in Iraq.

Above, a plane crashing and the resulting plume of smoke and fire.

This is the crash of a small Leer Jet where the smoke and fire can easily be seen.

For reference, this is a United Airlines 757 - like Flight 93 - that "officially" is said to have crashed in Shanksville PA.

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