Know-It-All Scripted "Eyewitnesses" & Scripted "Experts" on 9/11

A shocking look at 'eyewitnesses' and 'experts' on 9/11 who fed us the scripted stories that still fool many Americans:

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  1. Another thing to note here is the use of the word 'the' - this is typical of the propagandists trying to sell the 'official story' as the the word 'the' implies certainty and deliberation as is often the case in Heglian dialect where the 'the' represents , not the word itself but what it represents which is literally the 'definite article' . It is easy to see how so many people were fooled by the use of words and phrases that, on many levels , including most importantly the subconcious level, where most of our cognitive processes are enacted and affirmed, were injected into the public discourse leaving, as it were, no alternative but the assumed narrative.