Lee Hamilton asks the 9/11 Truth Movement to come forward with evidence - but will he bother to look at it?

It's a study in frustration for the 9/11 Truth Movement. There is plenty of evidence...but how can we force someone to examine it?

This took place on 5/26/2005. On 7/22/2005, then Representative Cynthia McKinney held the 9/11 Congressional Briefing. Apparently Lee couldn't make it.

Lee Hamilton Confirms Norman Mineta's Testimony? He does a great job of not answering the question:

The editor of this blog would like Lee Hamilton to explain why contradictory evidence was chosen over Norman Mineta's testimony and other corroborating evidence that Dick Cheney allowed orders on an incoming aircraft towards the Pentagon prior to the Pentagon being hit.

Also, why didn't they interview the white house aide that was speaking to Cheney and find out where and to whom the aide was passing on Cheney's orders?

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