ALERT: Infiltration at 911Blogger and TruthAction has Compromised These Websites

TO: All Truth Movement Members,

I have a very important message for your attention today concerning our movement and an attempt to bring it down.

Barry Zwicker, author of Towers Of Deception and producer of numerous outstanding and informative 9/11 truth videos and articles weighs in on the compelling Pentagon evidence presented by the Citizens Investigation Team (CIT) and he addresses the controversy in some circles of the 9/11 truth movement about this vital evidence.

For over two years now CIT has been struggling to get their evidence recognized by the larger truth community only to have run into staunch resistance and a concerted disinformation campaign from a few (mainly the owners of 911Blogger and Truthaction) in the truth movement.

911Blogger has recently purged (Stalin style) a large number of truthers from it's blog simply for vocally supporting CIT's work.

They have also mass deleted numerous comments supportive of CIT from discussion threads about this issue so that now a completely false impression has been created about the support and strength of this evidence and a false impression has been created about the true numbers of the opposition which are in reality very small.

Any truth site engaging in mass purges and essentially engaging in book burning should give all in the truth movement serious concern.

Mr. Zwicker explains his reasons for CIT in this video and talks about the shadowy disinformation effort going on to suppress it. Thank you Barry!

For anyone unfamiliar with CIT's evidence consider viewing their presentation called National Security Alert to be vitally important for your ongoing education about the 9/11 false flag attack.

Also voicing your opposition to 911Blogger and Truthaction directly about their extreme suppression and disinformation tactics would be appreciated.

Please watch Barry's report at the link below and get involved taking on those who spread disinformation and misinformation within our movement.

Barrie Zwicker endorses Citizen Investigation Team's presentation "National Security Alert."

Adam Ruff


"It's no exaggeration to state that the findings of the Citizen Investigation Team concerning what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 are reliable, undeniable, conclusive, and of immense historical importance.

The evidence now shows, well past reasonable doubt, what happened: it was a detonation of explosives within the building, timed to coincide with a flyover by a large jet plane, thus producing the clever illusion that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, and that is the heart of the official 9/11 Pentagon lie.

Primary credit for dispelling this illusion must go to CIT. The team members, with only truth-seeking as their motive, and with few resources, succeeded in finding 13 eyewitnesses, whom they interviewed fairly and transparently.

The heavy convergence of honest reports by these eyewitnesses, and other compelling evidence, can be seen in CIT's highly revealing DVD "National Security Alert." The evidence fails entirely to support the official story's alleged flight path of alleged Flight 77. The evidence does, on the all-important other hand, support a flyover flight path.

To add insult to insult, the same perpetrators of the events of 9/11 at the Pentagon have assigned disinformation specialists to attack the honest citizen detectives of CIT. This suggests, to me at least, that hidden behind and within the dark and treasonous false flag deception carried out at the Pentagon on 9/11 are probably even darker secrets.

To me, two most important questions now, almost nine years after the events, urgently call out for investigation. First, who are those behind the vicious attempts to discredit the work of the Citizen Investigation Team? Second, what are the motives of the would-be discreditors and those behind them? And I say "attempts" - because careful examination of the arguments of CIT's tormentors show them to be tricky and unreliable - in fact as flimsy as the official story they try to defend.

So, twin tasks lie ahead for honest citizens of all countries. First, to continue to learn more about all the events of 9/11, and the false flag operation of 9/11. Second, to learn more about -- and unmask for all to see who are willing to see -- the cadre of disinformation agents who are in the business of attempting to mislead and confuse honest authentic people everywhere about 9/11. Arguably, no single group is being targeted more toxically than the honest citizen detectives of CIT. This is a signal tribute to the historic importance of CIT's work -- work that must be supported unflaggingly.

-- Barrie Zwicker, author, Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11 and producer of The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.

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