9/11 Victim family member Bob McIlvaine puts a human face on 9/11

The Treason in America Conference
Valley Forge, PA., 03/06/10.

This man lost his son on 9/11 - and the heart break just doesn't go away. Bob McIlvaine is a powerful spokesman for the Truth of 9/11.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Troy (Somebody-or-other) is an extreme example of "Cognitive Dissonance" as he speaks to Bob McIlvaine who tries to tell the Truth of 9/11. It's tough to listen to this and we can't get to the end:

In response, Bob's other son posted this:

"I am Bob McIlvaine's other son, and I just want to say on record that I have never been so proud of my father in my life. I support everything he does 100%. The fact that he can keep his cool during this phone call shows what an amazing person he is. Just so this punk knows, not only does his entire family support him, but almost anyone he talks to with an open mind supports him. Lets all hope that Troy and I don't ever cross paths."

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