TAKE ACTION: Sign Petition to Get 9/11 Truth's Foot in the Door

Here is something you can do right now to spread the Truth of 9/11 - and it is easy: Sign this Petition to the President and Congress.

WTC 7 NIST Model vs. Reality: This video shows that the NIST Report on WTC 7 is not representative of reality and cannot possibly explain the phenomenon which took place on 9/11.

The censorship of the 9/11 false flag seems to have slightly cracked lately, especially outside the United States, with Richard Gage, AIA, presenting the World Trade Center demolitions to large audiences and getting favorable media reviews in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and the Iranian government requesting that the United Nations investigate 9/11.

Evidently, our ultra-corrupt--or ultra-frigthened--congress and president are not ready to swallow 9/11 Truth. Some of them even claim ignorance of Building 7's structural failure. But how about forcing them to take a few baby steps? Like having them face the fact that any high school kid will agree that the official technical investigation into the structural failure of Building 7 is less than satisfactory?

Remember that 9/11 Truth holds the key to just about every political problem and is very worthy of a few minutes of your time.

This is the text of the petition:

Would you kindly comment on the following statements?

1. On 9/11, in the World Trade Center, a third skyscraper experienced a total and catastrophic structural failure, apart from the twin towers.

2. The National Institute of Standards and Technology investigated this event.

3. They came up with a video simulation of the collapse of the building.

4. This simulation matched very poorly the actual collapse as seen on television.

5. The actual collapse, as seen on television, matched very well a standard, well-executed, controlled demolition.

6. Little effort was made to convey this information to the public.

Very truly yours,

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