A CALL FOR ACTION: C-SPAN's Washington Journal Gets Smarmy about 9/11 Truth

In general, C-SPAN's Washington Journal is good at presenting facts on our Nation's topical issues and allows all sides be heard (except for the Truth of 9/11). They invite callers to ask questions of those that appear on the show.

Washington Journal is on C-SPAN TV every morning (365 days a year) from 7am - 10am ET.
You can live stream it at their website here.

TAKE ACTION: Each day you have the opportunity to pick up the phone and call in to ask/tell some truth about 9/11. Unfortunately many "disinformationists" use their phone lines to discredit us by making outrageous (and sometimes racist) claims.

Call-In Numbers:
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You can sign up for A Daily Email Alert listing what is being scheduled for the show so you can plan your call ahead. You should have heard all the first responder calls to Christie Todd Whitman when she was interviewed...and you would have been shocked (but maybe not surprised) at her revisionist history...seems that those "ornery firefighters"simply refused to wear their masks to protect them from the Toxic WTC dust....and she is so sorry they are sick but it isn't her - or Bush Administration's - fault.

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Article below by Andrew Steele:

C-SPAN touts itself as being a public service. Its morning show Washington Journal is often hailed as an open forum in which callers can ask questions of the guests, (who are usually public officials, journalists, or policy experts) free of the obvious spin with which the big networks like Fox, MSNBC, and CNN often mutilate discussion of the news.

At first glance Washington Journal seems different than the shows on mainstream networks, since there are no screaming pundits or fancy graphics to distract the eye, and the interviews with guests go on much longer. But like the mainstream networks, the mention of certain subjects are rabidly discouraged and those who bring them up are rudely smeared by the hosts (more so now than ever before), often getting marginalized after the caller is dropped from the line.

Such was the case on May 14th when former military officer, author, and terrorism investigator Michael Sheehan was a guest on the show.

In the video below various callers with questions about the deadliest events in recent American history, (with the exception of the wars that followed in which 9/11 was pushed as the justification) are given the establishment treatment by host Peter Slen, who attempts to stifle discussion of the issues, openly regarding these callers with smarmy distain despite the mainstream sources they mention.

The first call is about the Oklahoma City bombing. The rest are on 9/11.

Peter Slen isn't the only Washington Journal host who does this.

While the combative relationship between the media and the people who challenge the official stories of 9/11 and Oklahoma City is hardly a new phenomenon, as well as the use of the word conspiracy theorist as a catch-all smear to quickly brush off reasonable questions about these events, the above video demonstrates that despite its proclamation of neutrality C-SPAN stands beside the noisy mainstream media in its desire to bury any analysis of major events that doesnt stand in line with the governments official accounts.

The issue here is not the opinion of Michael Sheehan since hes obviously entitled to it, (though it is disturbing that a so called terrorism investigator doesnt know about the dancing Israelis that were arrested on 9/11 or that he cited an explanation for building sevens collapse that NIST itself has abandoned), but rather the clay feet C-SPAN stands on when it comes to being an open alternative to the obvious spin that is seen on other networks.

Perhaps further mention of the fake left/right paradigm should be be changed to include mention of the phony neutral as well.

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  1. A disgusting overt denial of the truth by Michael Sheehan--that guy has no credibility whatsoever and is clearly a stooge for the official story.
    At least most of the callers were able to ask their questions...despite being immediately labeled conspiracy theorists by the host as well.
    This type of dialogue is perfectly tailored to the majority of Americans who will not look and do not think.
    We are doomed as a nation.

  2. There are a LOT of Truthers out there - if some of us would make it a point to call in once a month when they have "open phone lines" - i.e., any subject someone wishes to bring up - it would spread a lot of truth about 9/11.