WTC7 in Freefall--No Longer Controversial

This is a revised analysis of WTC7 freefall collapse by David Chandler a High School Physics teacher. He has included an analysis evaluating the claims made by NIST in their Final Report of WTC7. However, what is most compelling about this video analysis is the pure, unbiased scientific scrutiny that David gives to the collapse.

He is truly "spot on" with his application of the universally applicable law of free fall bodies due to the acceleration of gravity.

After any open-minded, logical person views and comprehends what they watch in this video, there can be no doubt that that building came down at virtual free-fall speed...which raises the question, how could that be? The only reasonable answer is via controlled demolition...and that raises the question how could that be pulled off on the very same day "a surprise attack" was perpetrated on the US.

After all, controlled demolitions take weeks and weeks of planning and coordination to put in place and test.

A whole series of questions then follows...Could Arab terrorists have access to this building or the twin towers? If not then who? All unanswered questions, that to date have no good answers...that the 911 commission report failed to uncover or even discuss.

Please watch this video and pass it along to other technically-inclined and savvy folks. Thanks to for making this available.

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