Reporter Interrupts Jennings' Demolition Theory With "Official Explanation"

"On the day of the attack, ABC News anchor Peter Jennings made a candid observation about planned demolition as the cause of the South Tower's collapse. Although Jennings did not retract his statement, his co-anchor, Don Dahler, quickly stepped in to correct him. This exchange was broadcast live on the ABC network starting 20 seconds after the onset of the South Tower's destruction.

Dahler's correction of Jennings is notable for several reasons:

(1) Dahler's confidence about what he saw is curious, given that he has just watched the first collapse of a large skyscraper in history.

(2) His contention that "the top part of the building was totally involved in fire" contrasts with photographs of the event.

(3) He states that "it looked like the top part of the building was so weakened by the fire ..." but photographs do not show obvious buckling of columns prior to the collapse.

(4) The description that "... it collapsed in on itself, and it appeared to just fold down from there," contrasts with what photographs and videos show: that the building exploded outward."

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