Bizarre Live Interview with 911 Police Chief and Dir. of WTC

NBC's Pat Dawson interviews New York Port Authority Police Chief William Hall and Alan Reiss, the Director of the World Trade Center,
shortly after the collapse of the Twin Towers. Mind the credibility gap.

Keep an eye on the body language of both men. They appear uncomfortable throughout the interview, especially the police chief, and talk like they haven't figured out a credible cover story for their recent and shocking ordeal which ties in with either the known reality of the situation or plain common sense.

The original poster on youTube has spliced this interview with commentary and some still images showing the destruction of WTC 5 and 6, as contrasting points of reference for what the chief of police and WTC director are saying. Otherwise, this is the entirety of the interview, as it was shown live on UK TV on September 11.

They both got trapped in their respective buildings 5/6 and had to dig their way out within a time frame of 28 minutes before the 2nd tower fell. Both are in pristine clothes - no scratches not a hint of fear or anger, rattled nerves, or...dust and dirt.

So here's the big question - did they go home and take a shower to freshen up for their big interview?

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