Inside World Trade Center During Attack - 9/11 before & after North Tower

This footage was taken on 9/11, shortly after south tower collapsed.

Some very rare and interesting footage of journalist Mark Laganga who enters the lobby of World Trade Centre 7 at approximately 10AM-12PM on September 11th, 2001.

He begins by walking around just outside the crippled building, then sprinting inside after another man, to be confronted at the top stairs by a secret service police officer who is the "last one[s] in the building".

The collapse of WTC 7 is not shown in this clip. This video has subtitles for better understanding of what is being said (some is very difficult to hear).

Follow the link for a rare brochure from 1984 of the Trade Center. The title reads "The closest some of us will ever get to heaven."

A picture of what the lobby looked like inside South Tower in 1984.

The North and South tower from street level. Taken in 1984.

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