BEWARE: This WTC#7 video is a FAKE

A new FAKE short Building 7 video showing very clear explosions appeared on the Web recently and is going viral, so we have decided to warn you about it.

We think this video was released with the clear intention to hurt the 9/11 truth movement’s credibility and this is why we are publishing this article.

Please do not spread the video around. When you believe lies ~ you give your power away ~ and our power is telling the truth.

Uploaded by David S Chandler on Sep 15, 2011:

Someone uploaded a supposedly new video of WTC7 taken with home video that has flashes and sounds of explosions. The video is clearly and provably fake.

1. It is reversed frame-by-frame. It could not be the other side of the building because that side was shrouded in smoke. Also (as others have noted) the other side doesn't look like this). I have here decomposed the video into jpg images, batch reversed them, and recomposed them into a video. How would home video footage become flipped in the first place? There may be some software that does this, but I don't know what it is. Why would any legitimate video be processed this way?

2. The pattern of window breakage does not match other videos. One pattern of broken windows under the east penthouse is clearly duplicated a few floors lower like a crude Photoshop copy. This is not seen in other videos.

3. In documented footage the east penthouse completely disappears before the west penthouse starts to disappear. In this video the west penthouse is completely gone while a corner of the east penthouse is still visible.

4. After the east penthouse falls, with the accompanying window breakage under it, there is a significant delay before the west penthouse falls. The windows under the west penthouse do not break until after collapse begins, yet in this video the window breakage, with flashes, occurs while a corner of the east penthouse is still visible.

5. And so forth. Someone put way too much effort into faking this video in comparison with how crude it is.


Important points showing us this is a 100% fake:

Video too short

No source to corroborate it

Blurry / Fuzzy / Jerky / Digitally zoomed

The poster took another Building 7 footage, edited and mirror-inverted it. (side-by-side comparison with original footage)

The audio explosion seems to be dubbed in, and the overall audio is of very poor quality.

Last but not least, the poster of the video even took time to add a “flying saucer” which can be seen at 0:15 and 0:30 in the video (on top of the building). This is subtle and most people won’t see it while watching the video only a few times. But it’s there.

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