9/11 Film Festival in Peterborough, NH on Saturdays

9/11 Film Festival in Peterborough, New Hampshire

9:11am - 9:11pm

This is the poster:

This is the 2 col x 2" newspaper ad we're running every week:

Kathleen got some comfy chairs and a rug from her storage bin.
According to Caz and Carol, they are so much better than the folding chairs we were going to use.

Harry made a lot of displays that really help to educate the public. Bravo Harry! Your work has made a huge difference here.

John, our favorite Physicist, had a bad cold but will attend the next Saturday. His advice in planning this film festival was invaluable.

Peter built sides on his truck to haul Harry's displays safely.

That's a sandwich board leaning against the wall (below)...Caz strolled around town in it.

Because of the economy, we were able to find an empty commercial space to rent on Saturdays - in downtown Peterborough's Depot Square.

We had books and banners for sale:

Harry build this amazing model - to scale - of the WTC Complex. It really shows how big WTC #7 was in relation to the Twin Towers.

We had literature to hand out, and a donation jar. At the end of the day it paid our rent.

Harry also mounted some important pictures to take note of.

We eventually moved this little sign nearer to the front door.

Carol baked some organic cookies and we served fair-trade coffee in a non-aluminum pot that Caz bought.

Jay painted signs and did a lot of work hauling furniture. He and Kathleen hung a huge amount of posters that Karin designed.

When there was a lull - we took the opportunity to watch some movies from Caz's collection that most of us had not seen before.

When a newcomer who came in and didn't know anything about why we are asking for a new investigation into 9/11, we usually showed then: 9/11: Blueprint for Truth. And sometimes we showed Zero.

This is from a seldom seen flick entitled Who Killed John O'Neill?

Jack did the electronics in order to make our small-town film festival work to bring the Truth of 9/11 to our fellow citizens.

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  1. What a great effort and event--I can't wait to come see it for myself, even though I am an avowed truther and have seen the featured movies, I can watch them again and again--I just want to thank you in person for your commitment and creativity.