"Readability" Tool for Easier Web Reading

READABILITY is a simple (free) tool that makes reading on the Web more enjoyable by removing the clutter around what you're reading. If you're searching for more information about 9/11 Truth - you're apt to get bug-eyed reading online.

This will help....you just drag the link into your toolbar and viola! Want it to go away? Just click in the upper left hand corner or reload the page.

Below is an ex
ample of a page that is nearly "impossible to read" - the type is too small and it is almost the same color as the background:

Here is the same page just after I clicked the "Readability" button that I put on my toolbar:

You can see the advantage since so many of us who doubt the official story of 9/11 tend to google 9/11 and read, read, read.

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