Grassroots Organizing: A Vital Part of the 9/11 Truth Movement

Truth communities often start with an individual or several who invite friends and neighbors to watch a DVD.

The foundation for reforming government, media, and big business is rooted in local communities. The true power of a republic is consistent, informed participation on the part of its community members. Organizing on a grassroots level is essential to educate and engage the local population, who can then join with other communities as a collective force.

The grassroots communities encompass a geographical area, hold regular meetings with a core group and sponsor events in their local community. Over 280 groups across the US and 60 international groups are educating and organizing their local communities. If you are not connected with a grassroots group go to Check the list of organizers; if there is no one in your local area I encourage you to become an organizer.

Many 911 truth supporters are educated about the facts on 9/11, but not in developing and growing these grassroots groups. It requires skills in interpersonal relationships, and group dynamics. We provide support to help you develop all aspects of your grassroots group. Go to where you will find links to signing up as well as services and materials we provide grassroots groups, such as coaching, useful development tools, organizers conference calls, and programs.

Truth communities often start with an individual or several who invite friends and neighbors to watch a DVD on a topic of truth. This attracts a core group who want to take action, so they sponsor an event within their local community. The most common event has been showing a documentary at a small theater, a library or high school auditorium. They work together advertising and staging it. From these events, more people get interested and these communities of truth grow.

If you are a professional architect or engineer the grassroots communities need knowledgeable speakers and invite you to get involved with an existing local grassroots community, or start a group if no local group exists. ( ).

Volunteer Opportunities in the 9/11 Truth Movement:

It takes a great deal of effort to operate a non-profit organization like Their team, which mostly consists of volunteers, has a variety of special teams that divide the labor and work together to disseminate the truth surrounding the events of 9/11. Joining them on this level is a great opportunity for people to get involved no matter where in the world you are!

In New Hampshire: Contact a group near you through this blog at SeeNewEvidence at gmail dot com.

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