Danish Scientist Neils Harrit on Controlled Demolition

Interview from Russia Today, Part 1


Niels Harrit explains nano thermite on National TV, April 27, 2009 - With English Subtitles:

Niels Harrit’s Lecture on the World Trade Center
by Fredrik Rosvall

Translated by Astrid Ericson Bahari and David Ray Griffin from the Swedish article, which was published in MANA (the magazine of the Iranian-Swedish Solidarity Movement), June 1, 2009 (http://www.uppmana.nu/content/view/6089/1/). The lecture was given in Malmö, Sweden, on May 27.

The room was crowded when Niels Harrit, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, speaking for the first time in Sweden, gave his well-appreciated lecture on the peculiar collapse of WTC 7.

The lecture was arranged by the Iran-Swedish Solidarity Committee, supported by the Malmö community, with the cooperation of Alhambra Press, which was present with its 9/11-related books.

A TV team from Channel 4, staff from “Cold Facts,” which has followed Harrit in his commitment, was also present and filmed the lecture. WTC 7 was the third skyscraper that collapsed in Manhattan on September 11, 2001. It was not hit by any airplane.

The WTC complex consisted of seven buildings, of which the Twin Towers (WTC 1 & 2) were the highest. Seven hours after the Twin Towers collapsed, WTC 7—which had 47 floors and was 186 meters tall—collapsed completely, suddenly, symmetrically, and within seven seconds

Since WTC 7 was merely slightly damaged after the fall of the Twin Towers, its collapse can be regarded as the most remarkable in the history of architecture, at least if one chooses to follow the official explanation.

Niels Harrit’s lecture was divided into two parts. In the first part, he presented the official explanation of the collapse, as provided in a report from NIST in August 2008. In part two, he presented an updated hypothesis, which is explained and supported by technical documentation, and also reported on the remains of an explosive, nanothermite, that has been found in the debris from the buildings.

According to NIST’s explanation, WTC 7 collapsed because of minor fires on 10 floors at the most. That would make it the only steel-frame high-rise that ever fell because of fires, and Harrit compared it with some much more extensive high-rise fires, which always left the steel frame intact.

It was when Harrit left aside the official hypothesis, according to which fires were the cause, and started comparing the collapse of WTC 7 with controlled demolitions that we began to see the picture.

As part of the presentation, he showed a clip from a documentary in which the Dutch expert on the demolition of high-rise buildings, Danny Jowenko, ruled out everything except for a professional demolition of the building.

A slip of the tongue during an interview, in which the owner of the WTC complex, Larry Silverstein, confirmed that the building had been “pulled,” which he contradicted the following day, was also shown. Larry Silverstein, who had been the owner of the buildings for only a couple of months before September 11, had coincidentally purchased an insurance policy against terrorist attacks, which granted him enormous sums of money after the attacks.

Niels Harrit refrained, however, from speculating about who was behind the attacks of September 11, or who let them happen by not activating the defense mechanisms that would normally have been put in action.

Instead he focused on the technical realities of the collapse of WTC 7.

Asked whether or not the nanothermite, which he and eight other scientists have found in the debris of Ground Zero, could have been self-produced or been inherent in the buildings, he said definitely not.

In a scientific article, recently published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, red/grey particles of non-reacted nanothermite have been verified. Nanothermite is a high-tech chemical substance that can melt and break the constitutive structures of steel-frame high-rise buildings.

Why this discovery, which has to an extent been discussed in the media, has not been a breakthrough was the main issue when small groups gathered after the lecture to discuss. What kind of mechanisms are blocking this huge discovery, which could mean that “the war on terror,” 1.4 million dead in the Iraq war, and the confiscation of oil and other natural resources are the result of a blackout?

The answer closest at hand is of a psychological blocking, considering the extreme complexity of this issue. The emotional conviction created when we saw the skyscrapers collapse, under which we via experts in the US government came to know that it was nothing but a work of al-Qaeda, has created a sort of trauma-based “knowledge.” The fact that President Bush shortly after the attacks urged everybody not to listen to any sort of so-called conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 can, of course, also be interpreted in different ways.

Niels Harrit illustrated the dilemma by showing a reproduction of the Belgian surrealist René Magrittes’ (1898-1967) painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”—a picture of a pipe with the text “This is not a pipe” under it. What are you supposed to believe in: what you see with your own eyes, or what you are told to see?

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