Danish Scientist Dr. Niels Harrit's Extremely Hostile Interview with the BBC

May 2011 BBC Interview with distinguished Danish Scientist Dr. Niels Harrit, in which BBC producer Michael Rudin tries to dismiss hard evidence and maintain off-the-wall lies over the 911 attacks.

Michael Rudin: Cognitive Dissonance? Willful Ignorance? Or was he paid to behave this way?

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  1. Having watched and listened intensely to this interview several times, it is clear that the BBC's Michael Rudin is well versed and skilled at manipulation, distraction and destruction of other people's words; Rudin is a master of this.

    Frankly, Dr. Niels Harrit asking for an true and open investigation into 9/11 has is words and reasoning twisted and aggressively attacked.

    I want the truth.
    I want to know why tens of thousands of people have lost their lives because of 9/11?

    Billions upon Billions of $ have been spent on killing, yet not much has been spent on forensic and federal investigation.