Another Key 9/11 Witness Kenny Johannemann "Commits Suicide"

This interview was followed by a personal White House "Thank You Letter" from George and Laura:

October 31, 2001
Dear Kenny,
We send you our heartfelt thanks and the thanks of a grateful Nation for your selfless efforts in responding to the tragic events of Sept. 11. Your actions in the midst of this national tragedy were truly heroic. Your saving a man who was on fire by dragging him out of an elevator and getting him to an ambulance reflected the best of the American spirit.
George Bush and Laura Bush

And then Kenny's "suicide letter":

The Daily News reported that Kenny Johannemann - a key witness in the WTC 9/11 bombings - recently "committed suicide."

He is a key witness because, in spite of aggressive prodding from reporters about "the planes," he clearly called what happened on the upper floors of the World Trade Center "explosions."

More important, Johannemann reported a massive explosion in the basement of one of the Twin Towers and rescuing someone who received full body burns from an explosion that took place at the base - not the top - of the building.

The suicide note purportedly left by Johannemann stated that he had "lost friends and family" over "his drinking" which the letter attributes to his depression since 9/11.

Johannemann's "suicide" has sent other eyewitnesses a message - loud and clear - about their safety or lack of it.

The eye witnesses that are alive and well today stick to the "official story".

See how the "official story" was quickly inserted into the mainstream media and why eyewitnesses like Kenny Johannemann and Barry Jennings whose testimony did not agree with the official story needed to be "silenced."

This video is from and their info is quoted below:

"Google took this video down after three days and then when I attempted to post it to YouTube it was rejected.

This video is an important companion piece to the video that I call "Inside Job" (see the Brasscheck TV archive.)

"Inside Job" shows that thousands of eye witnesses and millions of live TV viewers heard and heard about MULTIPLE explosions in the Twin Towers that preceded their sudden and inexplicable collapse.

"The 9/11 Solution" shows that even as the World Trade Center was burning and immediately after the collapses, a stream of disinformation laying down the key official 9/11 myths was being actively being put in place via the US mass media (i.e. the impact of the planes weakened the structures, the "intense" fires caused the collapses, Bin Laden was the only possible suspect.) "

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