Ahmadinejad - Lost in Translation

There's another other side to the story
about the US Delegation making a big show of walking out during his remarks about 9/11.

Iran's president takes center stage at the United Nations but due to a "technical error" Ahmadinejad's remarks about 9/11 failed to be heard.

United Nations, New York, Sept 24, 2010

The following is an excerpt from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's (written) speech delivered to the 65th annual meeting of United Nations General Assembly (full text here):

. . . "It was said that some three thousands people were killed on the 11 September for which we are all very saddened. Yet, up until now, in Afghanistan and Iraq hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, millions wounded and displaced and the conflict is still going on and expanding.

In identifying those responsible for the attack, there were three viewpoints.

1- That a very powerful and complex terrorist group, able to successfully cross all layers of the American intelligence and security, carried out the attack. This is the main viewpoint advocated by American statesmen.

2- That some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and its grips on the Middle East in order also to save the Zionist regime.

The majority of the American people as well as other nations and politicians agree with this view.

3- It was carried out by a terrorist group but the American government supported and took advantage of the situation. Apparently, this viewpoint has fewer proponents.

The main evidence linking the incident was a few passports found in the huge volume of rubble and a video of an individual whose place of domicile was unknown but it was announced that he had been involved in oil deals with some American officials. It was also covered up and said that due to the explosion and fire no trace of the suicide attackers was found.

There remain, however, a few questions to be answered:

1- Would it not have been sensible that first a thorough investigation should have been conducted by independent groups to conclusively identify the elements involved in the attack and then map out a rational plan to take measures against them?

2- Assuming the viewpoint of the American government, is it rational to launch a classic war through widespread deployment of troops that led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people to counter a terrorist group?

3- Was it not possible to act the way Iran countered the Riggi terrorist group who killed and wounded 400 innocent people in Iran. In the Iranian operation no innocent person was hurt.

It is proposed that the United Nations set up an independent fact-finding group for the event of the 11th September so that in the future expressing views about it is not forbidden. *

I wish to announce here that next year the Islamic Republic of Iran will host a conference to study terrorism and the means to confront it. I invite officials, scholars, thinkers, researchers and research institutes of all countries to attend this conference. . ."

Read the FULL transcript here.

ED NOTE: We have read on the internet that there is some dispute about the accuracy of the translation of Ahmadinegad's remarks into English. We will post more when this is sorted out.

* We think that this one line is the most important part of this speech and the one thing that won't be covered seriously by any mainstream news media. Instead, it is Ahmadinejad's Holocaust-denying-anti-Semitic nonsense that they wish us to focus on so that we will ignore the truth when he does speak it out loud.

Dang. When the "wrong person" speaks the Truth - we ignore it at our peril.

This is how (the liberal) Rachel Maddow handled it on her news show. She seldom misses an opportunity to bash the 9/11 Truth Movement and we think she ought to have known better and think less of her for remarks like these:

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  1. maddow is a tool of the mainstream media, don't kid yourself

  2. I would have liked to think that Rachel Maddow was a better person than this....but I was wrong.